Have You A Dream For A Blog?

          To create

              To Promote

                 To popularize

               To Monetize

    Then You Must Go Through This Blog.

Crystallize Your Concept About Blog


A blog is a website where entries are made in journal style, hosted on specific sites such as http://www.blogger.com. It offers readers the opportunity to reply to opinions and link to their own blogs. The activity of updating a blog is “blogging” and someone who keeps a blog is a “blogger.” Blogs are typically updated daily using software that allows people with little or no technical background to update and maintain the blog.Blog have become very popular in recent years and are excellent for personal and up-to-date opinion and information.


             Blog Making Fundamentals Go Through


Tips-1. Meritorious Identity

search a name which is ideal representative of your concept, idea or Philosophy of your blog.Give a touch of twist in the Title word such as Title for a blog for Informative-Tips has design as INFORMATIPS


Tips-2. URL

If possible use the same title word for your URL Address, such as WebEys.

Bblogspot.com.Its Blog title is WebEys. Usually it is not easily available in free software for blog.


Tips-3. Free Blog Software

For blog-creation select a free software which is user friendly and easy to handle, particularly layout and posting facilities are trouble free.

Here is a List:







Tips-4. Dress Up

Gorgeous and multicolor blog are always appealing to Psychology. But pressure on eyes our mind may reject the blog to go through the end.

So, prefer a blog having a white or light background and also focus on the font size

or point. Bold or a comparatively a little larger (12 point bold or 14 point) font enhances contrast and readability of the blog.


Tips-5. Nutritious content

 Merit of the blog depends on information-rich, high-quality and relevant write-up or content. Each content should have an untouched information.


Tips-6. Length of Content

Content must be within 300-400 words (maximum 500) if not necessary. Otherwise human mind may loss eagerness to penetrate.


Tips-7. Supply Oxygen to your Blog

Keep alive your blog by posting a new content on a continual basis. Choose an appropriate time-gap or option to post your blog by monthly, weekly or daily.


Tips-8. Primary Prevention

At the beginning, avoid to use Java script, DHTML, Flas, Images in your blog   because initially all these increase your blog’s appearance but decrease

technical advantage of search engine. Most of the search engines’ crawlers are blind to graphics.


Tips-9. Simplify

To attract readers, active key to success is using simple language, short paragraphs and bullet points with no spelling or grammatical errors in your blog content.

Before posting any new content proofread and spell-check.


Tips-10. Edit

Do not fall in love in your raw blog content.  Always trim excess words and sentences which are irrelevant nor carrying any merit. Often a simple edit can greatly improve the

pages to read and navigate. 










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